Professional processing and powder coating
of components up to 7.5 meters in length.

We operate in the Tri-City and surrounding areas.

Powder coating plant

We offer the possibility of creating smooth, structural surfaces of different types and degrees of gloss. Our services are priced individually depending on the size of the element, the condition of the material, the chosen paint and the size of the order.

Malowanie proszkowe LQS Energy People
LQS Energy People malowanie proszkowe elementy

About Us

We care about the highest standard of quality of our services. Our advantage is flexibility and fast turnaround time. We have a modern technology, which allows us to paint elements of up to 7.5 meters in length.


Visit our gallery of realizations and check out the effects of our powder coating plant.

Malowanie proszkowe Gdynia LQS Energy People


Company headquarters
LQS Energy People Company sp. z o.o.
ul. Krótka 18
22-400 Zamość
NIP: 9223055592
E-mail: info@lqs-ep.com

Powder paint shop
ul. Przemysłowa 9, 81-029 Gdynia
(wejście z prawej strony budynku od ul. Przemysłowej)
E-mail: malarnia@lqs-ep.com
Tel.: +48 516 329 473

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